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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thai & Taiwan food

This month I gotta say I opted for Thai food whenever I went outside to have lunch or dinner. On the 2nd of February, I went out with Shona once again. This time I went to her place which is in Petaling Jaya. She decided to bring me to Amcorp Mall, next to Taman Jaya LRT station. My 1st impression of that shopping mall was that it looked like Karamunsing, but actually it is totally different lah.

Since we were both so starving, we headed straight to the mamak restaurant in basement floor for lunch. (Below) Shona picked Kuey Teow Basah,

whereas I picked Thai fried rice with blended Milo.
After lunch, we roamed around the mall while chitchatting endlessly. Shona recommended me this one particular book store which offers various types of cheap books. There are encyclopaedia, novels, dictionaries, bibles, comic books, biographies and many others. That book store is called Book Xcess.

Two days later, my sister decided to go to the same mall since she wanted to get some books. So the three of us (my sister, Johan & I) went to Amcorp mall in the evening. Before heading to the book store, we decided to have dinner 1st. My sister suggested to dine in the Thai restaurant. (Below) The first dish to arrive was Tom Yam soup. It was spicy and creamy (but not too creamy, though) with prawns, shredded mushrooms, crab meats and cilantro leaves. It was nice.
(Below) for my dinner, I picked Thai Beef Fried Rice. Coincidentally Johan picked the same plate of fried rice. Haha.
(Below) For my sister's dinner, she picked Seafood Fried Rice. Both plates were yummy!!
Another two days later I decided to meet my ex-colleague, Flora, in Putrajaya. She's currently working and staying there. We wanted to surprise our ex-managers at first but it didn't happened. Hehe.. So yeah... For lunch, Flora recommended Johnny's Restaurant. It is a Thai steamboat restaurant, however it does serve lunch set meal priced RM8.90 each. The set meal consists of main course, Thai tea, your choice of ice cream and tom yam soup.

(Below) Flora decided to get herself the shrimp paste fried rice set
(Below) Thai tea; it was something different. The sauce beside it was BBQ sauce.
(Below) I chose this yucky-coloured mee with chicken.
The gravy was sweet & salty but more to sweet.

If you mix in the tom yam soup together, it is totally yummy. =)
(Below) Dessert was served after the meal, and I picked honeydew ice cream. It had these tiny bits of honeydew in it. I love it. =)
A day after that, I went out with Candy and another high school friend - Jason. It was still the holiday for Chap Goh Mei and since the bears in Pavilion will stay there until 15th of February only, I decided to bring them for some "photoshooting sessions". =P

(Below) Jason & Candy with the bear representing Malaysia. ;)
(Below) The three of us stood in front of Pavilion's water fountain.
After the "photo-shoots" session, I decided to bring them to Snowflake to try out the Taiwan desserts. Actually I myself wanted to taste it so badly. Haha.

(Below) Seen here is Soya Ice Series. The ice was so smooth and taste extremely delicious, together with kidney beans; pearls; glutinous rice and grass jelly.
(Below) The other dessert on my left hand was Taroballs Series. It was not my preference, but it was still good though.
There's nothing much to see in Pavilion, hence we decided to walk to KLCC using the new bridge or walkway. In less than 15 minutes, we reached Suria KLCC. We roamed around, ate a little and then walked out to the KLCC Park where the Symphony Lake is.

(Below) Traders Hotel can be seen from Suria KLCC. It definitely seemed far from KLCC.
(Below) Candy stood right below the twin tower.

And that was how we ended our day. Hehe..